Sliced Ripe Black Olives

StarFoods® Sliced Black Olives HAND PICKED From Hojiblanca olive groves carefully nurtured by trusted farmers. Working with our selected Egyptian farmers, we nurture our olive groves throughout the year. Our olives are picked by hand to ensure they reach you in best possible condition.
HAND PICKED From Hojiblanca olive groves nurtured by trusted farmers.
Sliced Black Olives are rich on Iron and Vitamin E content. They are perfect to enrich pasta dishes, pizza and salads. They can also be enjoyed in cocktails or with bread.
These delicious olives make an ideal ingredient for a variety of Mediterranean dishes or pizzas. Besides their intense colour and strong flavour, the olives are also easy to serve. On top of it, you are not paying for any extra weight as the olives are kept naturally, not in any juices or oils.

They’re called salad olives by many. Duly renowned with versatility as their claim to fame. With a milder flavor, just add these Sliced Black Olives to a salad of your own creation – or ours. They’re also a mainstay on pizza, thick or thin. Of course, you can add these olives to your pasta dish for even better flavour.Star Foods ® Olives range offers many possibilities as a side dish or ingredient for a wide variety of Pizza, salads, meat, fish and pasta dishes. These Olives are seldom used in bakery items as well as desserts. Pair it with wine as well. These delicious olives by Fragata are presented in various packing for foodservice use, both in functional Jars and convenient & environmental friendly pouches.

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