At Star Foods we think every burger deserves the perfect accompaniment to make it a stand out burger. Our Hamburger Dill Chips make the perfect tangy partner for all your favorite burger recipes. We have been making pickles for over 25 years, and we know exactly what it takes for the perfect pickling process.

Our Hamburger Dill Chips are sliced right from our delicious dill pickles. We use our traditional dill pickle recipe that is chock full of plenty of goodness to craft the finest Hamburger Dill Chips around. Each jar is packed with the promise that you will love what our Hamburger Dill Chips will do for your burger.

We follow our traditional dill pickle recipe to create your Hamburger Dill Chips. Our pickle products are brined to turn cucumbers into the perfectly pickled cucumber.

At Mt Olive we take our time making our dills. We believe that the best pickles are the ones that float around in pickle brine until they are ready. We do not do quick pickles, we let the fermentation process work in its own time. No pickle makes it to the jars until they are completely ready.

We thinly slice whole pickled cucumbers into perfect pieces that will fit on your burger. You can stack those slices as high as you want to add as much tangy goodness as you can handle. Every jar comes crammed with flavor ready to take your burger experience up a notch. We make pickles of quality.