Pickled Sliced Jalapeños Pepper

Most people think of the jalapeño as being very hot, but it actually varies from mild to hot depending on how it was grown and how it was prepared. The heat is concentrated in the seeds and the veins, so if you want it on the milder end of its scale, remove those parts.

Jalapeños are sold canned, sliced, and pickled. Canned jalapeños may be milder than fresh because they are usually peeled and the seeds removed. Pickled jalapeños are always hot.

Jalapeno peppers have gained worldwide popularity for their wholesome spicy hot flavor. They can be eaten straight out of the can or used to give your dishes that delicious Mexican touch that everyone has come to love. Our La Costena Sliced Jalapenos are the perfect complement to many of your favorite dishes, whether it be a sandwich or a torta, they can be embedded in a taco, a wrap, a burrito or mixed in a tasty Mexican rice or serve as topping for a white rice.

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