Pitted Ripe Black Olives

With over three generations of experience behind them, Satr Foods® Olives meet the highest standards demanded by quality-conscious foodservice operators. Share this tradition when preparing sandwiches, salads, pizza, and pasta, as they all become tastier and livelier with our delicious olives. So, give your customers the very best: serve them Star Foods®.
Star Foods®Organic Pitted Black Olives are picked at the latest point in the season for the deepest black color. They are tree-ripened and marinated in organic red wine vinegar for full flavor. Perfect for salads, pastas, pizza, or antipasti platter. So good, it’s like having the olive tree in your own backyard. No artificial flavors, dyes, or preservatives.
Black Olives are olives that have been left on the tree to mature and ripen. They are usually picked late in the year, November to December, sometimes into January. Black is just a generic term. They will seldom be absolutely jet black. You will see shades of deep purple, black, reddish-brown or brown. Many will even be hues of dark purples or deep olive greens that wouldn’t be out of place on army camouflage.

Black Olives don’t need to be cured, as green olives do. They will just be brined or salted to season and pickle them. They do, though, have to be pickled longer than green olives, because they didn’t have the curing process. They are usually ready to eat or package 70 days after harvest.
They have a sweeter, fuller flavour than green olives, though they lack the tartness and zing. Their texture will be softer.
They can’t be mechanically pitted, as they are too soft to stand up to the machines, so they are almost always sold with the pit still in. At least, that’s what the industry says — though somehow, the raisin industry has figured out how to sell pitted raisins, causing raisin pitters to disappear from kitchens around the start of the 1900s.
Black olives are sold in jars, tins or in plastic tubs at deli counters.
The versatile StarFoods ®Large Pitted Black Ripe Olives can be used in pasta, salads, and pizzas. These hand-picked and ripe pitted olives are mild and nutty to taste. This bulk pack of Lindsay ripe olives is ideal for bistros, diners, and retail stores.