Pitted Green Olives

Green, fleshy & crisp Manzanilla olives from the groves of Egypt Oasises.

Manzanilla olives, are plump & firm with a delicate, well-balanced fruity taste with almond undertones. The Manzanilla tree has a high yield of fruit that makes the olives one of the most popular varieties.

Bringing a taste of the Mediterranean in your kitchen, our Karats Green Pitted Manzanilla Olives are perfect to add to salads & pizzas, throw into a martini or eat straight from the jar.
We offers you the best quality green pitted olives! Perfect in taste and shape, they will add a great twist to your main courses such as baked chicken breasts, beef steaks or salmon chunks…
They are also a great topping for pizzas, sandwiches and salads. And what about chopping them to make a delicious tapenade? It will taste wonderful with fresh homemade bread!

Gourmante Green olives are grown, cultivated and harvested in the Sinai region and have a larger size, round shape and an uneven green color which signifies their 100% natural fermentation process. Their taste is characteristic and intense, while salt level is regulated at production & packaging in order to ensure the right combination of taste and product safety. The pits are removed with the use of a special machine with controls in place to ensure they have all been taken out. Eat them on their own as a snack, add in salads or accompany cocktails and aperitifs. Perfect on toasted bread aa bruschetta with a glass of wine or add on top of pizza or pasta for that extra taste. Use them for creating Mediterranean pasta or meat sauces.