Stuffed Green Olives with Pimento

Pimiento Stuffed Olives are the iconic cocktail olive, made famous as a garnish for the ever-stylish martini when it was first popularized by the Rat Pack and James Bond in the 1950s and ‘60s. This classic olive is still revered today for its large size, firm texture and slightly salty flavor that is counterbalanced by with the sweetness of the pimiento stuffed inside.

While our Pimiento Stuffed Olives are an obvious partner for martinis, they are also ideally suited as a Bloody Mary garnish. The addition of a StarFoods Peperoncini and Cocktail Onion only makes this drink better—it’s a cocktail and an appetizer in one!

Moving away from the bar for a moment, Pimiento Stuffed Olives make a wonderful tapenade for bruschetta or panini. Diced with Italian meats and cheeses, they make a delicious filling for the classic Muffaletta sandwich. Or slice them and mix them into a cheese dip for a delicious and colorful retro party dish.

Pimento-stuffed green olives aren’t just for martinis. They should also deliver snappy bite and a briny (but balanced) jolt of flavor to vinaigrettes, relishes, and other dishes. But after tasting the best-selling olive varietals from four nationally available brands, both straight from the jar and chopped up in picadillo, we discovered that a good olive is mostly about the other ingredients in the jar. Brines spiked with vermouth and vinegar make olives taste “mouth-puckering” (though cooking mellows the sharpness). Meanwhile, calcium chloride is a good thing, as it strengthens the flesh-firming pectin in the olives, as is salt. Tasters panned the product with the least amount as “bland.” As for varietals, larger Spanish Queen and Sevillano varieties were “meaty” and “juicy”—pluses when snacking that predictably mattered less once the fruit was cut into pieces.
Enjoy the salty, earthy flavor of the Pimiento Stuffed Green Olives 5.75 oz – StarFoods®. These gem-like Manzanilla olives are the perfect compliment to your relish tray, but also become the star of the show in pasta salads, on pizza and of course, in your chilled martini. StarFoods® promises freshness and quality always at a great value.

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